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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is simple.

1. We collect certain items of information when you use our site, including your email address, when and where you use the site, the sites you share.

2. We will never share any personally identifying data (i.e. your email address) with anyone else.

3. We may use the content you post on the site to tailor the service for you.

4. We use analytics software (Google Analytics and WordPress Stats) to help understand how the site is performing. None of your personally identifying data is shared with these services.

5. Your data is hosted in the UK.

6. Your data is yours, and you may request to have your account and associated data removed entirely at any time.

7. Any content you share via our site is assumed to be publicly visible, and that you have the right to share this content with our community.

8. Any content shared via the site which is deemed inappropriate for any reason, as decided by our editorial team, will be removed without right to complain.

9. All content shared via the platform is owned wholly by its original authors.

10. This policy is subject to change, but you will be notified via email in advance of any changes.

11. We may occasionally contact you via email with project updates, notifications of new content and digests and prompts to return. You can opt out of any non-critical updates at any time, and you can request to close your account at any time.